Nikaah – a Spiritual, Religious and Social Institution

Qur’an states that, “And He; it is who out of this Water has Created Man; and has endowed him with Descent and Marriage-tie; for He is the Sustainer and ever Infinite in His Power.” [25:54]

In the above verse it is clear that Marriage is an endowment from Allaah Ta’aala. It is His Blessing. It is one of the means of Sustenance of Life. Man being a Social Animal cannot lead a life in Solitude. Hence Allaah Ta’aala has endowed him with Family-tie which is a part of Society in which he lives. Relationships make easier for the Man to lead Life.

Elsewhere, Qur’an states that, “And in everything We have Created Pairs, so that you might bear in mind” [51:49]

Another part of the Creation of Allaah is that, everything has been created in Pairs; in the Opposites. Only Allaah is One. Everything else is in Pairs or “TWO”. Hence a Man cannot lead his life alone peacefully. And the one who does so contradicts the very principle of Creation of Allaah.

The verses from the Qur’an regarding the Creation form the Spiritual Basis of the Marriage or Nikaah. It proves that Marriages are not made out of Physical or Material interest but it has a supreme Spiritual basis. Allaah Ta’aala gave three things – Sunnah to all Prophets – Cleaning the mouth; Applying ‘Itr and Marriage. Rasoolullaah SAWS said – Nikaah is from my Sunnah – Tradition.

Whenever Rasoolullaah SAWS learnt about the marriage of a man and woman he used to say “Kamola Deenohu” – His Religion is Completed. Shaitaan screams whenever a young man marries a woman and yells that they have protected 2/3rd of their Religion. Remaining 1/3rd will be protected by following the obligations of the Shari’at.

What makes Shaitaan to yell like this? It is because Marriage makes one responsible and he matures in every sense. The way he sees and perceives the world around him changes. Modesty and maturity washes away all evil thoughts from his mind.

Marriage is a Social Institution because forms new relations for us. We are connected to new people. Our family relations expand. Marriage is not only a single relation between a man and a woman but it is the bonding of two families. Man etches out a unique identity after Marriage. It’s all about taking care of the Bride and serving the parents in their ripe age simultaneously.

  Huzoor e ‘Aali TUS in one of the Nikaah Majlis emphasized these facts about the Marriage
  Exclusive Bayt recited on the occasion of Nikaah

Significance of Nikaah in the Life of a Muslim