Cutting of the Tongue with Forgiveness & The Foundation of Badri Mohalla. During the Mubaarak mawqa' of the death anniversary ('Urs Mubaarak) of 32nd Da'i ul-Mutlaq Saiyedna Jivabhai Ziyauddin bin Saiyedi Noohji saheb (aq), Mukaasir Maulaa (dm) said in his bayaan that, "The Truthfulness of the Da'wat is when the rich people are hypocrites and against the principles of Truth. Our hisroty points out to this fact very clearly and it is our 'Aqeedah." "Muqaddas Maulaa migrated from Ahmedabad to Vadodara along with mumineen in 1110 AH/1699 AD and the first thing he did is he constructed masjid on the entrance of Badri Mohalla and also built a well. Mumineen first got settled between Devdi mubaarak and Masjid e Ziyaai. The second Mohalla of Alavi Mumineen got its form from Badri Mohalla that started from Masjid till Bustaan e Badri after 30 years of Migration." Mukaasir Maulaa quoted 2 Waaqe'aat of our Imaams, 1. The reason behind the Laqab of "Zain ul 'Aabedeen" given to our 3rd Imaam 'Ali bin Imaam Husain AS. 2. Imaam Husain AS gifted many things to a person who every time defamed Imaam by using foul language. This way Imaam gave Sabaq of compassion.

  1435 AH: