Surat un Naas: Waswaso yaani su? Doubt and Confusion is created in what way? Shaitaan su banine aawe chhe? Jinn kai tarah aawe che?
  Surat ul-Falaq: 1. Rasoolullaah SAWS Maulaana Imaam Hasan SA ane Maulaana Imaam Husain SA ni Nazar utaarti waqat aa Du’aa padhta hata, O’eezokoma be-kalemaatillaahit taammaate min kulle sharre shaytaaniw wa haammah wa min kulle ‘aynil laammah 2. Koi bhi cheez pasand aawe to aa kalaam padhwaana, Aamanto billaahe wa sallallaaho alaa Mohammadiw wa aal e Mohammad SAWS 3. Imaam Ja’far us Saadiq SA no pain and dard thi shifa haasil karwaano amal 4. Rasoolullaah SAWS par Labid bin Aasim Yahoodi ey kidhelu jaadu 5. Evil Eye is a reality and not a superstition. It does exist.
  Surat ul-Ikhlaas: A short Surah consisting of only 4 aayat but it's recitation has greatest Reward in this World and the Hereafter. Translation of the Surah and its Tafseer. Reward and Fazeelat of recitation.

Surat ut-Takaasur: Graveyard, Certainty and Bounty. A mu'min-faithful has a heart full of awareness, acceptance, hope, happiness and submission. This it achieves by giving covenant to his Spiritual Master, i.e. Da'i ul Mutlaq. Everyone of us has a penchant to get something more than what we have. This goes on unchecked until we visit graveyard and look at the reality of death. Or after the death, we realize that we have wasted much of our life in greed and envy. Now that we have nothing with us but repentance as we can't go and correct our mistakes. We have to bear the brunt of being ignorant.

Yaqeen has 3 stages. Knowledge, Vision and Truth becomes the intrinsic part of it. Yaqeen has a direct relation with Faith. And for the Ibaadat of a mu'min, Yaqeen plays a role of King as the status it holds in the huge Palace. Ibaadat is a palace and Yaqeen is a King.

Ne'mat is the spiritual succession of Da'wat ul Haqq adorned by the khidmat of different Sahebs. It forms a strong rope or a Tasbeeh in which each thread or bead is interconnected or interlocked with each other. It is the right path of salvation and guidance from M. Aadam (as) till Qiyaamat.


Surat ul Qaare'ah: Qiyaamat, Accounts, Paradise & Hell-fire. Rasoolullaah SAWS says that, 7 types of people will be in the holy shadow of 'Arsh. Those outstanding people will have very unique khaslat and characteristics. The people of Qiyaamat will envy them. Qiyaamat is the day of producing accounts to Allaah Ta'aala. Hasanaat (good deeds) and Saiye'aat (bad actions) will be deciding factor for becoming Jannati or Jahannami. Qaare'ah is one of the names of Qiyaamah. It is the harshest torment and the mother of fire.