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In the current time of Lockdown in India owing to the Corona Virus pandemic, we are presenting the videos of easy Translation and Short Tafseer of selected Surah of Qur'an e Kareem. We have started with Surah Yaa Seen. Rukoo'wise translation will be done for the Mumineen, so that Mumineen can watch them while reciting the Qur'an.

  Rukoo': 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 (part 1 & 2)
  Rukoo' 1: 
  Rukoo' 2:  The dialogue between People of Haqq and People of Baatil. A question as to why anybody else than the Trustworthy, entitled by Allaah Ta'aala should be believed? See how Tribes in the past were destroyed.
  Rukoo' 3: When will Qiyaamat come? Day and Night are the Signs of Allaah, same as Son and Moon. The Day of Judgement will come, When and How?
  Rukoo' 4: The people of Jannat and Jahannam The Du’aa we recite while dropping 3 handfuls of mud in the Qabr of Mumineen. Doing Wuzoo before offering Namaaz of Janaazah. Du’aa for Heart Disease. The place for the people of Hell. The place for the people of Jannat.
  Rukoo' 5: 
  Part 1
  Was Rasoolullaah SAWS a Poet? People of Makkah used to call Rasoolullaah SAWS by 4 names - Poet, Magician, Mad and Liar... Why? Animals are created by Allaah so that we may take advantage from them. We will be enlivened again from the crushed Bones!!!

Part 2

  Fire from the Green Trees - Kun Fa Yakoon. How Allaah Ta’aala has uncovered Fire from the Green Trees! Remember how Wildfires spread in various countries and destroyed wildlife and displaced major populations. If He has created everything out of nothing, He will once again create and enliven bones from the powder. He is the Greatest Creator When He commands “BE IT” it “BECOMES”. Significance of Surah Yaa Seen.