Shari’at, the divine canonical law that powers a Believer to attain ascension in all fields of life, is the path of Purity and Mercy to be treaded only at the hands of Divinely endorsed Authority.  It is this authority that sets the perfect match between knowledge and actions.  Between these two things there comes the intension of a Believer based on the strong faith on Divine Authority appointed by the Holy Progeny of the Divine Prophet.  The Prophet gives full command and rule to his appointed authority-missionary over the entire life of a Believer.  This authoritative person trains and teaches his followers in acquiring the rightful knowledge and the righteous actions based on it.  If this happens then, it is said that, For a Believer his Master has opened a Window of Wisdom.  It is the toughest path and a superb skill that a person achieves after passing through many levels of tests and trials.  Not everyone is graced for this divine blessing from the missionary-Da'i ul Mutlaq.

Wisdom is there behind every creation of Allaah Ta’aala.  Nothing is without Wisdom and it is only with His command.  It is like a Soul in a Body.  Every time one can feel it.  Without it life comes to an end.  A Believer must train himself to find wisdom in each and every thing.  A child could be wiser than an old man.  A small insect could be wiser than a giant elephant.  Each and every aspect of Shari’at is related with the wisdom behind living creatures and non-feeling things.  Maulaana Ali Ameer ul Mumineen (as) is an ocean of wisdom and the door to the city Prophetic Knowledge.  Wisdom starts with Maulaa and ends with Maulaa.  As no words could bind the Zikr of Maulaa, no explanation could do justice to his wisdom.

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