1441 - Islam, Shadow of 'Arsh and Shi'at-e-M. Ali (as)
  Zul Qa'adah al-Haraam, Pehli Raat, Nooraani Masjid - Mukaasir Maulaa said in his bayaan that, "Islam is the best religion for the Humankind. It has been chosen by Allaah Ta'aala. Every new-born in this world is on the Fitrat of Islam, Tawheed of Allaah and cradle of unity. It is his parents who make him believe in some other faith other than the Submission to Allaah. If your life is Nooraani with the Walaayat of Ameer ul Mumineen Ali AS then you will not die but being a muslim i.e. Total Yaqeen in Allaah guarded by Walaayat-e-Ali AS. Nooraani Face, Nooraani Chair, Nooraani Dress will be the Great status of Shi'ayaan-e-Ali on the day of Resurrection under the holy Shadow of 'Arsh-e-Ilaahi. No one will be having this darajah.