Mubaarak Occasions in Da'wat e Shareefah - Milaad e Maymoon of Imaam uz Zamaan AS - 3&4 Rabi' II 1442 AH
Acsensions on the Darajah Mubaarakah of Mazoon e Mutlaq and 'Aqd-khwaani of
Shahzada Sa'eed ul Khayr Bhaisaheb DM
Bay'at e Imaam iz Zamaan AS of Farzand e Anwar of Mukaasir ud Da'wat DM
Sudairali Bhaisaheb









The essence of the meaning of “Izn” as per the Qur’anic and Prophetic references is a “special permission granted to a person from his higher spiritual authority to carry out religious proceeding as the divine principles of Faith and Conviction.”  From the word “Izn” comes the name of spiritual authority of Faatemi Da’wat, as “Ma’zoon” who is next to Da'i ul Mutlaq, in his right side and his Legatee and Deputy.  The rights of “Mutlaq” is same for Da'i and Ma’zoon.  By the special and extraordinary permission of Da'i ul Mutlaq, his Ma’zoon summons the believers, leads prayers and social congregation, takes oath of allegiance on Da’i's behalf, teaches the tenets of Truth and Patience, strengthens the relationship with other communities. 

Every Ma’zoon is not always Mansoos and every Mansoos is not predominantly Ma’zoon.  But Ma’zoon could be Mansoos.  Da'i ul Mutlaq who is a Predecessor appoints his successor “Mansoos” by propagating “Nass-e-Jali”.  The mubaarak majlis of this occasion is taking place after 38 years.  Al-Hayy al-Muqaddas Saiyedna Abu Haatim Taiyeb Ziyauddin saheb AQ appointed Aqaa Maulaa his Ma’zoon-o-Mansoos on 4th Rabi’ ul Aakhar 1404 AH.  Now, Aqaa Maulaa appointed his Shahzada Bhaisaheb Sa’eed ul Khayr DM as his Ma’zoon-o-Mansoos on the same date.


Da'i uz Zamaan TUS Saiyedna saheb: 45th representative of Imaam uz Zamaan AS Aqaa Maulaa Haatim ul Khayraat, Rabi' ul Barakaat Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb TUS.

Rasm of Dhaaru-Fixing of the Shaadi dates: 8th Rabi' ul Awwal 1442/24 Oct 2020, Saturday on the memorable day of the 63rd Birthday of Aqaa Maulaa.

Dulha Muneer: Shahzada Sa'eed ul Khayr Bhaisaheb DM, the eldest son of Aqaa Maulaa who studied for 6 yrs in Qumm (Iran) and obtained BA in Arabic Literature and Language.

Dulhan Muneerah: as-Saiyedah Zainab bu, daughter of Idrees Bhaisaheb Azeezuddin who studied Civil Engineering.

Bay'at e Imaam uz Zamaan AS: Aqaa Maulaa took Bay'at of Sudairhusain Bhaisaheb, the second farzand of Mukaasir Maulaa DM on 3rd Rabi' ul Aakhar 1442/18 Nov 2020, Wednesday after Maghrib Namaaz in Mohammadhusain Hall.  In the Majlis Aqaa Maulaa explained the importance of Darajaat in our Da'wat and accordingly Khidmat and pure actions are needed to achieve the higher ranks.  Maulaa asked several Deeni questions to Sudairhusain which he replied correctly.  The laqab of Mulla saheb was conferred and Paaghdi was bestowed to selected Ashaab.

Nikaah-khwaani, Ma'zoon ud Da'wat and Laqab-nawaazi: Shahzada Sa'eed ul Khayr Bhaisaheb DM was ascended to the Mubaarak and Sublime Darajah of Ma'zoon e Mutlaq and did Nass e jali on him by declaring his Laqab e Khaass as 'Imaaduddin.  Aqaa Maulaa said that, This is the Sunnat of Allaah Ta'aala and Ambiyaa.  Our Du'aat followed this tradition and appointed successor by the Ilhaam and Ta'eed of Imaam uz Zamaan AS.  This majlis was held on 4th Rabi' ul Aakhar 1442/19th Nov 2020, Thursday in Nooraani Masjid before Zohr Namaaz.  Nikaah-khwaani and Laqab-nawaazi was also conducted in this majlis.

Mansoos: Aqaa Maulaa offered 4 great things to his Mansoos Shahzada Sa'eed ul Khayr Bhaisaheb DM:

1. Kitaab Kanz ul Walad - a book of 2nd Da'i e Mutlaq having deep inner meaning of cosmology and eschatology reflecting the esoteric exegesis of Creation, Shari'at and Ambiyaa
2. Dupatta (outer robe) representing the Barakaat of Rasoolullaah SAWS
3. Khaatim (finger ring) representing the Barakaat of Maulaa Ali Ameer ul Mumineen AS
4. Tasbeeh (rosary) representing the Barakaat of Maulaatona Faatemah az-Zahraa AS

Laqab-nawaazi:  Ashaab e Laqab e Makhsoos, Shaikh sahebs and Mulla sahebs were gifted with Sanad, a certificate of their honourable khidmat with Sutar-kapad to be worn during Da'wat mehfil.

Mukaasir e Mutlaq Saiyedi Mohammad Bhaisaheb Nuruddin saheb DM: in the majlis e Nikaah, Aqaa Maulaa conferred a makhsoos Laqab "Siqat ud Da'wat il Haadiyat il 'Alaviyah" for his untiring efforts in Da'wah administration and publications, Lisaan ud Da'wat, Arabic Language, Dars-Asbaaq, Website development and web-content, Mishkaat ul Haadi bi-Monthly Deeni Newsletter publication.

Ra's ul Hudood Zulqarnain Bhaisaheb Hakeemuddin saheb ZI: In the same majlis, Aqaa Maulaa conferred a special Laqab "Naasir ud Da'wat it Taiyebiyah" for his constant tadaabeer in Da'wah external affairs with different communities,  Medical assistance to mumineen, Dars-Asbaaq, Mobile App development.


Laqab-nawaazi, bestowing of the special status to selected Ashaab ud Da'wat:

1. Shahzada Sa'eed ul Khayr Bhaisaheb ZI: Ma'zoon ud Da'wat il 'Alaviyah Bhaisaheb Sa'eed ul Khayr 'Imaad ud Deen saheb DM
2. Mukaasir ud Da'wat Bhaisaheb Mohammad Nuruddin saheb DM: Siqat ud Da'wat il Haadiyat il 'Alaviyah DM
3. Ra's ul Hudood Bhaisaheb Zulqarnain Hakeemuddin saheb ZI: Naasir ud Da'wat it Taiyebiyah ZI

Laqab-nawaazi to some of the most chosen Khidmat-guzaar Ashaab:

1. Fidahusain bhai Sheth Najafali Hazaariwala - Faakhir ud Da'wat il 'Alaviyah
2. Ronaqali Safiyuddin bhai Dholkawala - Mishkaat ud Da'wat il 'Alaviyah
3. Shabbirhusain Sheth Mohammadhusain bhai Zenithwala - Mukhlis Da'wat il 'Alaviyah
4. Naayebali bhai Safiyuddin bhai Dholkawala - Siraaj Da'wat il 'Alaviyah
5. Aliasghar bhai Dr. Taahirali bhai Bakrolwala - Saaleh Da'wat il 'Alaviyah

Laqab-nawaazi of "Shaikh" to selected Mulla sahebs:

1. Shaikh saheb Husainali bhai Chinwala A
2. Shaikh saheb Fidaali bhai Durgawala G
3. Shaikh saheb Amiruddin bhai Zariwala G
4. Shaikh saheb Ibraahim bhai Barodawala T
5. Shaikh saheb Nadeali bhai Chinwala A

Paaghdi-nawaazi to Abnaa ud Da'wat - Farzandaan of Bhaisahebs  and Selected Ashaab:

1. Kumailali bhai Bhaisaheb MDA
2. Adnaanali Bhaisaheb Q
3. Finhaasali Chinwala H
4. Mulla saheb Imdaadhusain Surkawala Y
5. Hamiduddin Bhaisaheb F
6. Aliasghar bhai Bhaisaheb N
7. Mashkoorali Bhaisaheb I
8. Nazirali bhai Bhaisaheb Q
9. Hamzaali bhai Vasanwala M
10. Nuruddin Bhaisaheb S
11. Nuruddin Chinwala N
12. Mulla saheb Ali bhai Daruwala A
13. Shamsuddin Kagdi A
14. Ronaqali bhai Bharuchwala Y
15. Shaikhali bhai Kachwala T
16. Mazharali bhai Contractor B
17. Hasanali bhai Samlayawala N
18. Akbaribhai Lokhandwala S
19. Idrees bhai Bhaisaheb A

Paaghdi-nawaazi and Laqab-nawaazi to selected Qaare'een:

1. Mulla saheb Nuruddin bhai Durgawala G
2. Mulla saheb Aliasghar bhai Petiwala B
3. Mulla saheb Habibali bhai Adenwala Z
4. Mulla saheb Qaasimali bhai Barodawala I
5. Mulla saheb Finhaasali bhai Navsariwala I
6. Mulla saheb Fidaali bhai Patel Y

Laqab-nawaazi of "Mulla saheb" to selected Qaare'een and Zaakireen:

1. Mulla saheb Nadeali bhai Hazaariwala R
2. Mulla saheb Hayderali bhai Attarwala A
3. Mulla saheb Sultaanali bhai Surti A
4. Mulla saheb Ibraahim bhai Maulvi A
5. Mulla saheb Dilaawar bhai Hazaariwala R
6. Mulla saheb Aliasghar bhai Dholkawala S
7. Mulla saheb Aliasghar bhai Clipwala A
8. Mulla saheb Hasnainali Murmurwala S
9. Mulla saheb Aunali bhai Dholkawala I
10. Mulla saheb Aarifali bhai Kachwala S
11. Mulla saheb Aliakbar bhai Kanjariwala N
12. Mulla saheb Mohammadhusain Umallawala M
13. Mulla saheb Aliasghar bhai Hazaariwala N
14. Mulla saheb Aliasghar bhai Sutarwala F
15. Mulla saheb Abbasali bhai Motiwala B
16. Mulla saheb Abbasali bhai Ajabshah Z


Dignitaries, Cultural and Religious representatives of other communities greeted Aqaa Maulaa (tus) and extended Mubaarak-baadi.  Aqaa Maulaa offered Du’aa for their well-being and progress and expressed hope that May Allaah Ta’aala strengthen the ties of Ikhlaas o Mahabbat among our communities and work together for the betterment of the society.



3rd Rabi' II 1442: Majlis e Shaadi and Bay'at e Imaam uz Zamaan SA: On the night of Milaad of Imaam uz Zamaan SA a Majlis of Shaadi was organized in which Huzoor e 'Aali TUS took the Misaaq - 'Ahd e Imaam uz Zamaan SA of Bhaisaheb Sudair Husain - the second son of Mukaasir e Da'wat Mohammad Nuruddin Saheb DM. Huzoor e 'Aali TUS felicitated selected Mumineen with the Titles of Mulla Saheb and awarded the Sharaf of wearing 'Emaamah - Paaghdi - Traditional Turban of Alavi Da'wat.

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