Hamaara Maulaa, Haatim Maulaa (tus)

Du'aa che, Ahl e Imaan ni Khudaa bakhshe Shifaa Tamne,
Shifaa che, Lakh Ne'mat Lakh Daulat, thaai Ataa Tamne,
Ghana Mushtaaq che Didaar na Maulaa Hame har Pal,
Daraazi Umr ni aape Sehhat saathe Khudaa Tamne.

  Ramazaan, Ghar ma aawa che
  Khazaano Barkato no lai ne Ramazaan, Ghar ma aawa che,
Khudaa ne khoob pyaara che je Mehmaan, Ghar ma aaw ache,
Gharo ne Mumino na kida Nooraani 'Ibaadat si,
Bakhashwa Hamne Jannat aa Maherbaan, Ghar ma aawa che,
  Yaa Ali
Khushi Khudaa ni che Shaamil, Ali ni Madh-o-Sanaa ma,
Nabi ni Shaan che Daakhil, Ali ni Madh-o-Sanaa ma,

Ali na Naam si har Ghamm si milse Aazaadi,
Ali nu Naam dur karse har ek Bimaari,

Namaaz thaai che Kaamil, Ali ni Madh-o-Sanaa ma,
Che har Jihaad no Saahil, Ali ni Madh-o-Sanaa ma,

Ali na Naam si har Ghamm si milse Aazaadi,
Ali nu Naam dur karse har ek Bimaari,

Je Subh-o-Shaam che Maa'il, Ali ni Madh-o-Sanaa ma,
Bane che Fazl ne Qaabil, Ali ni Madh-o-Sanaa ma,

Ali na Naam si har Ghamm si milse Aazaadi,
Ali nu Naam dur karse har ek Bimaari,

Rabb si Qareeb thaajo, Aa Din Du'aa na che,
Har Pal Wasilah lejo, AaDinDu'aanache,
Tawbah zaroor karjo, AaDinDu'aanache,
Sajadah ma khoob rojo, AaDinDu'aanache,
Kawsar nu karse Hamne 'ataa Maulaa 'Ali Jaam,
Jannat nu Hamne aapse Maa Faatemah In'aam.

  Article: Lockdown as well as Prison

Health-consciousness, health-care, health-security and healthy diet have become a common concern for each and every one of us.  Rich and poor have come into one line of fire in the time of Corona Pandemic.  Concerns regarding health-risks has become a prime point of discussion.  Every aware person is practicing public abstinence and personal hygiene.  In this Coronage, a completely new social fabric has been woven that has drastically changed the length and breadth of our socialability.  With the sudden surge of masks, hand sanitizers and hand gloves, the identity and greeting crisis has unexpectedly emerged.

But, let's examine in these harsh and horrific times, what has Shahrullaah in its store.  Shahrullaah is the month of divine blessings.  The rahmat of Shahrullaah is greater than any calamity.  Wise mumineen like us are always in search of an opportunity to get most out of the blessings ordained from the Darbaar of Allaah Ta'aala.  To fight against the unseen virus, we are taking extraordinary precautions to keep ourselves safe and healthy.

Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb TUS said that, "Shaitaan is a Virus.  Shahrullaah masks us and sanitizes us against its deadly infection.  It is everywhere but its our immunity system that will strongly fight against the Shaitaani Virus.  Our Waajebaat, Namaaz, Roza, Jihaad, Paaki, Nisf il Layl, Tahajjud, Sadaqaat, Du'aa etc constitutes a complete robust system that guards us against viral attack.  Those of us who have weak antiviral system will become easy target of Shaitaani Virus.  Shahrullaah teaches us to keep distance from such persons who are infected or are carriers of dangerous virus.  Shahrullaah shows us to keep personal hygiene by doing regular wuzoo and ghusl.  We have to defeat the viral attack by observing every Obligations of Shahrullaah as far as we could."

  TOI Report: Virtual Namaaz by ZOOM
  Merits of Ramazaan: Every Amal is based in 'Ilm. So mumineen will do aamaal e Ramazaaniyah in which there is namaaz, roza, tahajjud, waajebaat, zakaat, jihaad, tahaarat etc. We should surely be well informed with what we do.
  The Mubaarak Beginning of Ramazaan ul Mo'azzam: Aqaa Maulaa Saiyedna saheb (aq) addressed Mumineen through multi-media and gave heartiest mubaarak-baadi for its aamad. It brings with it barakaat e ilaahiyah and fuyoozaat e khuldiyah meaning everlasting grace and blessings.
  Namaaz on ZOOM App - Its Understanding and Hidaayaat: Mumineen are required to watch this video thoroughly and accordingly send their request to the concerned Saheb. Mumineen should be punctual in their Namaaz timings. Also this video and the related messages released by the Da'wat-e-Shareefah centre should be relayed to mumineen who are somehow unaware of this special facility in the hard times of Nationwide Covid-19 Lockdown.

Du’aa of Roza-Iftaari “Allaahumma Yaa Mo’tiyas So’aalaat”: Mumineen know this Du’aa as “Allaahumma laka Sumna” as it is recited at the time of Iftaari. Allaah Ta’aala says that, Fasting for 30 days of my month Shahrullaah is for me and the reward of it is Amaanat near me. When you will meet me at Rawz e Qiyaamat you will sure get the reward.

We begin and end the fasting with the ne’maat of Allaah. We refrain from eating-drinking throughout the day and abstain from Shaitaani aamaal. Thirst and hunger make us weak thus when we do iftaar at Maghrib we do Shukr and with every morsel of food we again get the energy to fast again on the next day.

This amal is sufficient for us to seek pardon for our unlawful actions. This month and its ibaadaat is the best way to ask for grace and the maqaam in Jannat.

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