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  A Tiny Sparrow and its Wise Words

Once upon a time there was a gardener. He had put up great efforts to keep his garden lush green and beautiful. Every day he used to boast about his gardening skills. People used to appreciate his beautiful and outstanding garden. One day a small but smart sparrow came into the garden. On seeing the lush green orchard, she decided to play some mischief in it. The beauty of the garden was damaged by this small creature in no time. When the gardener saw this bad condition of his garden, he started crying on this fate.

It was not for a day but the garden daily faced the same scale of destruction which was obviously sponsored by that sparrow in new tricky ways.  On seeing this condition of his garden, the gardener felt extremely sad and furious because of his helplessness. This went on for a few days and as more days passed the mischief and harm created by the sparrow kept on increasing.

One day the gardener thought that it was the time to catch the culprit, the one who spoils my garden, red-handed and save my garden from ruin. Early in the morning, he took one of the nets and came into his garden and secretly laid the nets. As usual the sparrow came to the garden and began to ruin the fruits and flowers. While the gardener was watching all this, the sparrow's feet somehow got trapped in the net. The sparrow realized that now there is no way out and she had no saviour and that the gardener would definitely kill her. So she thought she has to find some way in order to save her life.

The gardener's heart was full of anger and revenge. He took the trap and tightly took hold of the delicate sparrow in his strong hand, as if there was a criminal in custody in a prison. The gardener had a knife in his other hand and when he was ready to brutally kill the sparrow, she yelled out pleadingly, "O Gardener!  How does my little body look like in your big hands and such a sharp knife next to my delicate neck!  I am your culprit but just think what will you gain by murdering me? I am so small that I shall not be able to satisfy your hunger. Someone else might come after me and ruin your garden.”

The gardener said, "By saying all this, my intention shall not change."  The sparrow said, "O Gardener! Do not hasten in your work. I know that you have been working hard in your garden to earn your living for years. But if you believe me, then I have a new idea which will change your fate. The gardener was astonished and said, “So little sparrow with such big talks!”  The sparrow pleaded the gardener, “Kindly listen to me first. After listening to my three virtues, you may do whatever you wish to do with me. And if at all you are impressed by my virtues, then please free me from the clutches of your hands. If you do this favour to me then I will never turn back to your garden. The gardener said, “Now tell which are your three virtues.”

The sparrow said,

“Firstly, do not regret anything that goes out of your hands. Secondly do not believe in the impossible. And lastly do not desire that which is beyond your reach."   The gardener was stunned after hearing these words of the sparrow. He got engrossed in his thoughts and left the sparrow free from his hands.

The sparrow flew and sat on top of the branch of a tall tree. Now she was a free bird. She told the gardener, “If at all you knew one secret about me you would never let me free.” The gardener enquired, what was that?? Flapping her feathers the sparrow said, "There is a big pearl inside my stomach which is even bigger than a hen's egg. If you would have killed me and sold that pearl, then you would have earned wealth more than a king's treasure. Hearing this gardener began to repent and said, "O sparrow! You wander around every day for hours, looking for your food. Now there is no need to do such hard work.  I wish to take you to my home. My wife will give whatever you want. You shall spend your life happily in my house.

Laughing at the gardener, the sparrow said, "O foolish man! Though you are a human you are greedy and contemptible. Do remember and recollect the three virtues which I had told you. First one, Do not regret anything that goes out of your hands. I was in your hands earlier but not now. So O Gardener! Do not regret the fact that, you won't be able to get that pearl from my stomach any more.

Remember my second virtue; Don't trust anything that is impossible. So, O ignorant man! I am such a tiny creature, how could my stomach hold a pearl bigger than a hen's egg? My body's weight is not even half of the egg's weight, so how could I fly carrying it in my stomach? Remember my third virtue; Do not seek that which is not in your reach. I have been set free by you and I very well know that if I return to you again what will happen to me. It is useless that you desire to capture me. I am happy in my freedom and you be happy in your garden. But if you pay attention to my words of wisdom, then you will never get deceived.

O Readers! This tale of sparrow and gardener brings many lessons to us. Although the truthful and right people are few in number, their virtues and sayings are of deep understanding. The wise words of little people have the power to smash the conscience of huge egoistic people.  The lovers of Ahl ud Da’wat seems very simple outwardly but their few words of truth from the depth of their faith is enough to act like a sword that carries the power to slit the throat of falsehood.  The wise people will never into an unwanted argument but make their point clear by uttering fewest words possible.  They believe that, more the words more will be the mistakes.

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