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  With the Blessings and Du’a of Huzoor e ‘Aali TUS, Tadbeer Foundation is the first registered NGO of Alavi Bohra Community serving various causes of Counseling and Education of the students of all communities. Since its inception, Tadbeer Foundation has organized various events, training sessions and seminars in Vadodara. All the future events will be posted and updated on the Foundation’s website.
  Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques

Insiyah Tinwala started the session with the Introduction on Stress and what are the types of Stress that women face everyday.  The Method focused was Progressive Muscular Relaxation. In which she focused on Breathing and Relaxing each and every part and organ of the Body. Then there was a stage where she asked to imagine a scene where they found their most Trustworthy person in their life to share their problems. This was the stage where the Ladies started crying in Trans where they felt that all their problems are resolved and they felt more relaxed than before.

Qudsiyah Motiwala said that there are such foods which help to reduce Stress levels in the Body which includes Green leafy vegetables, chocolates, berries and all seasonal fruits. When the women are under stress they undergo abnormal bowel movements and Hormonal imbalance.  The Session was Specially designed for Ladies of Alavi Bohra Community by Tadbeer Foundation. Such type of event was organised for the first time in our Community.

  Educating Children in Today's Challenging World

A Session on “Educating Children in Today's Challenging World” was organized on 13/10/2018 by Tadbeer Foundation.  It was conducted by Anisa Padaria who is a Relationship Counsellor, Graphologist and a Psychotherapist.  With Fun & Learn concept, the Main focus of the session was:  1) How to deal with the boredom of Children in Studies and in other aspects.  2) How to keep Children away from Gadgets.  3) How Parents should change their lives in the upbringing their children.  4) How to improve the Concentration of Children in Studies.


  Islamic Yoga
  Second Session: 10-9-2017

The second session of the Islamic Yoga was oganized in which the main focus was on the Postures and asanas beneficial for Diabetes, Thyroid, Blood Pressure and Mental Stress. The Tasbeeh related to it was given to the Participants.  The Session was conducted by Mrs Shabanaben Lalawala (International Yoga Trainer). At the end of the Session the Nutritional Guidance related to these topics was also given.

  First Session: 20-8-2017
Gujarat Samachar

  Cyber Safety: Think Before You Click
Alavi Bohras: Seminar on Cyber Safety: Think Before You Click

A seminar was organised on “Cyber Safety: Think Before You Click” 13-8-2017, Sunday, in the Zenith School. More than 100 Students Participated in the Seminar.  Mr Manish Gokani (Member of Cyber Suraksha Kawach and A Cyber Safety Expert) delivered the Pearls of Knowledge for the students and made them aware about the Risk factors on Internet.

Mr Manish Gokani said that, “In today's Scenario Students are much more addicted to Social Media. They spend their valuable time on their Computer or on the Smart phone daily for more than 5-6 hours which is highly risky for their Health and Studies too.  Now a days they don't meet their Friends personally and like to get them connected through Social Media. In the Present Days the Children are used to the pornographic websites which results in the Crime and this is because of the mindless, uncontrolled and excessive use of Internet.”

He also gave the Guidance regarding the activities done on the Internet which is against the Indian CYBER LAW. Every student should have certain knowledge about the Cyber Law which saves them from any risk factors of the Internet. He told the students about the Cyber Safety Laws in the Indian Penal Code For eg. Starting Someone's Laptop without his permission is also a Cyber Crime.  Lastly he said that the Students should use the Internet according to their Need. 

Report of TOI


  How to Cope up with Exams?
  Tadbeer Foundation successfully organised today's Training Session of "How to Cope up with Exams?"  110 students participated in the Session.  Dr Priyanka Behrani - A well known Psychologist of MSU gave valuable Guidance to the Students on "How to get ready for the Exams". She also demonstrated Relaxation Techniques practically...Free Examination Kits were sponsored by our benevolent community member.

Alavi Bohras: Seminar of Facing an Interview
  Alavi Bohras: Seminar of HOW TO FACE AN INTERVIEW
  Divya Bhaskar Report...

As the modernization is taking place in the Present Era there is a need for a Boy or a Girl to get employed and have a good Financial Stability. But unfortunately all of us don't have their job according to their Education or Degree.

This is due to the Inability to Crack the Interview or Lack of Awareness regarding "HOW TO FACE AN INTERVIEW” and for a simple reason their Application are Rejected in the First round itself. Under the Guidance of Huzoor e Aa'li TUS Tadbeer Foundation has organized an Interview Training Session for the College Students and Freshers. The Training Session was conducted by Dr Santosh G Shah (Director of Babaria Institute of Technology). 42 Students were trained for the Interview by Tadbeer Foundation.



Muslim women took Self-Defense Lessons

  City Bhaskar Report

Muslim women from the city for the first time took techniques of self-defence on Sunday, 31/7/2016. These women learnt in defending themselves physically from notorious elements and eve-teasers.

The Alavi Bohra community has taken this initiative to ensure safety for Muslim girls and women. They were taught how to protect themselves in virtual world while surfing on social networking websites.

"We decided to organize this training programme for women to spread awareness about lurking danger and also on how to defend oneself. It was a three-hour workshop where the women were taught several moves to tackle miscreants. This is one of the first steps towards women empowerment among the Alavi Bohra community," said Dr Bhaisaheb Zulkarnain, president of Tadbeer Foundation that has organized the workshop.

"Vadodara is a very safe city for women so many don't think it is necessary for them to learn self-defence techniques. But in the era of globalization, one has to move around a lot and people from outside too settle in our city. So it is important to know how to protect oneself. We are trying to reach out to as many Muslim women as possible." "Most of the women are now on social networking sites and use internet daily. It is important for them to know how to protect themselves in the cyber world. So we will organize another workshop focusing on cyber security for women." Zulkarnain told TOI. The M D Self Defence Academy taught basic moves to the women at Taiyebi Hall on Ajwa Road on Sunday.

General Things Which All Girls Should Know...

  • All Emergency Numbers should be in speed dial.
  • Must have your residential and working area police station name and number, also remember it for lifetime.
  • Never ever lie with your family about your location, place or person you are about to visit. Especially, if the person is new to you.
  • Don't be scared by Police as they are your friends not enemy until you did something legally wrong.
  • Don't be scared to do police complain for mischievous people or if someone harass you physically, mentally, socially or financially.
  • You can complain or ask for help from Police anytime-anywhere in emergency.
  • Always ask for received copy signature or stamp of your all applications. If possible ask that person's name whom you handed over the copy.
  • Always be confident to tell or ask anything with any government officers.
  • You never ever compromise yourself for disrespect or insult by anybody. It's also crime to insult or disrespect anybody.  Legal action could be taken against that person.
  • Whenever you are in emergency and you are contacting Police then first things you should say, is your Name, then Your Location, then Your Cloth's Color and What You Are Wearing, then "How much time they will take to reach you and who will come...?"
  • Always share your location on WhatsApp or by text message whenever you travel by public or private transport. Specially while in Auto or Private Sharing Vehicle.  Avoid sharing Auto or Private Vehicle after Dark at night.
  • Inform Auto driver to take you from main roads; don't take any shortcuts or small street or unknown areas or roads.  Always ask for driving license copy of your child's school transport vehicle driver.  Strictly instruct them don't change driver without prior notice or information.  Ask for transport vehicle registration documents.
  • Teach your child how to come alone home by School or Tuition in emergency.  Also Teach them how to talk and contact police in emergency.  Always check your child's school vehicle route.
  • You have right to ask for ID card of police officers. They can't deny you for it.  Find your city Police Commissioner's office and his public meeting time.  You can also approach Police Commissioner if your area police station's staff don't help you or do any wrong with you.
  • Tell your child to remember your and all Emergency Numbers. Also write down it in his/her notebooks.
    Always share your bad experience with your child and try to teach something good from it. And also tell them how you solve or come out from that problem.  As they are biggest followers of your life.  Be frank and open with your child.
  • Try to be a friend of your child and time by time teach them what is good touch and bad touch.  Never shout or scold them in front of other person or in public. As someone take bad advantage of it.  Always believe in your child talk and never take lightly any kind of physical complain about anybody.
  • Be free to hit a drunkard if he harasses you. No complaints or case will be filled against you if you hit a drunkard.  As alcohol consumption is banned here in Gujarat.

  Importance of Family Relationships & Helpline Launch
Workshop: 22-5-2016 / Helpline no.: 1800 102 1245 (Mon-Wed-Fri: 10 am to 12 noon)
Alavi Bohras: Aqaa Maulaa at the Seminar of Family Bonding and Launching of the Helpline
Alavi Bohras: Aqaa Maulaa at the Seminar of Family Bonding and Launching of the Helpline Alavi Bohras: Aqaa Maulaa at the Seminar of Family Bonding and Launching of the Helpline
Alavi Bohras: Aqaa Maulaa at the Seminar of Family Bonding and Launching of the Helpline Alavi Bohras: Aqaa Maulaa at the Seminar of Family Bonding and Launching of the Helpline
  Press Report: Gujarat Samachar | Divya Bhaskar | Sandesh | Mid-Day (Mumbai)

While launching the Helpline, Aqaa Maulaa said in his key address that, “Today the principle of Pythagorean Triangle is applicable in Family Relationship, its Bonding and the Role of each family members with others.  The 3 points of A, B & C where the angles are formed are Grand Parents, Parents and Children of the family.  They are equally inter-related with each other to form a complete Triangle.  All sides are equal and each one has a direct connection with the remaining two.  Each one has its role to play.  No one can take the place of other.  These Dynamics can work magic for the Healthy Family.  Ours is the Joint Family culture.  Others can follow us in taking care and giving due Respect to our Elders as well as in proper Upbringing of our Children.  Leaving the Parents is Leaving your Roots and if you indeed leave them then you will be left with Discomfort and Disharmony.  Branches can never live without its Stem and Stem can never come up without its Roots.”

The Alavi Bohra community on 23-5-2016, Sunday launched a state-wide helpline for married couples and children. The community has taken the initiative to help the troubled couples and anxious teenagers who have communication gap with their parents.

"The helpline 1800 102 1245 will be available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10 am to 12 noon. We intend to counsel children and teenagers who are not able to communicate their problems with their parents. The helpline to be run by professionals will also try to counsel couples facing marital problems," said Dr Bhaisaheb Zulkarnain, President of Tadbeer Foundation that has launched the helpline.

A workshop on 'Family Bonding and Family Dynamics' was also organized by Tadbeer Foundation on Sunday. The event was attended by Rajmata Shubhanginiraje Gaekwad, Vadodara City Mayor Dr. Bharatbhai Dangar and 45th Da'i ul Mutlaq Spiritual Head of Alavi Bohra Community Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin Saheb TUS was the guest of honour. The workshop's focus was on marital relationships and family environment in modern times. (TOI, 23rd May 2016)

Chief Guest Raajmata Shubhanginidevi Gaekwad quoted the story of Thomas Edison who was labeled mentally challenged by the school but because of his family environment he bacame the person who invented Light. Mayor Bharatbhai Dangar said that the poor children are found in orphanage and the rich parents are found in the old age homes.

Dr I R Rajkumar began the Workshop with his keynote speech in bad parenting skills. Dr Jamila Firdous continued with the reasons of the growing psychological problems in today's children and how to solve them. Dr Ismail Pala delivered his speech on the Volatile marriage relationships and how to save marriages. Dr Alka Smart focused on the various parenting aspects.


  Press Release: TOI: Alavi Bohras to launch helpline for children, married couples
                                Divya Bhaskar | Sandesh

The helpline started by Tadbeer Foundation will be launched in the city on May 22 and aims to reach out to children who need counselling before exams and couples having marital problems.

"The communication gap between children and parents is increasing with each passing day. Children are not able to talk about their problems to their parents. During exams, most kids are under pressure and our helpline intends to help them. There is no such state-wide helpline that caters to children," said Dr Bhaisaheb Zulkarnain, president of Tadbeer Foundation.

"Differences between married couples too are on rise as they are not able to give time to each other due to stress, mobile phones and internet. This helpline will counsel them. The caller's identity will be kept secret," Dr Zulkarnain told TOI and added that the helpline will cater to people for free. He said that Tadbeer Foundation also intend to spread awareness about counselling.

"Most people think that counselling is given only to mentally ill persons. But it is not true. Every person needs some or other form of counselling in some stage of life. We have roped in experts to offer counselling to the needy," Zulkarnain said. The helpline will be launched by Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin Saheb and mayor, Bharat Dangar.


Topics of the Workshop: 1. Growing Psychological Problems in Children at Early Age. 2. Parents and Children - the Two Opposite Poles. 3. Volatile Marital Relationships.

Dr Jamila Firdaus - Famous Psychologist.
Dr I R Rajkumar - Psychiatrist with 32 yrs experience.
Dr Ismail Y Pala - Psychiatrist with 15 yrs of experience.
Mrs Alka Smart - Principal, Public Baselios School.


  Activity Classes - 2016

Tadbeer Foundation's never ending efforts continues by organising a Summer Camp for children in various activities. The camp included classes such as personality development which focussed on removing stage fear,  increasing self confidence and assertiveness. Craft and Art classes included glass painting,  quiling,  paper craft and many more... Hand writing improvement classes included better grip on writing skills,  speed and clarity. It was held at Badri Mohalla, Wadi and Ajwa Road area for better convenience for children twice a Week. More then 50 children enrolled in these classes

  Awareness amongst Rural People

TADBEER FOUNDATION has always accomplished its motive by spreading awareness to various class and age of people. The journey continues and this time TADBEER FOUNDATION went to Madheli Village (Near Parul Institute) to spread the light of awareness amongst rural people.

It started when we met the sarpanch (Head) of the village and gave him our introduction and works carried out by TADBEER FOUNDATION, without waiting for a moment he took us to the Primary School and we got the chance to impart our knowledge. With the due cooperation of the teachers, we began interacting with the kids of the school. The topics covered were

1. Child Abuse
2. Importance of Education
3. Health is Wealth (Awareness about Cleanliness)

Being at the school we started with the topic of Education. The importance of getting education were taught to the children. Examples were given of some the Nation's great personalities to motivate them. It was great to see such a positive response from the kids. Also, children whole heartedly promised us to study well and get the highest education.

After getting more interactive with children we started with the topic of CHILD ABUSE

Children were told about the GOOD TOUCH AND BAD TOUCH. Knowledge was given to the children's about the child abuse, How to safeguard own selves. Children were given the confidence to talk to their parents and teachers if any such things happen with them. Girls were especially given a thorough knowledge about the TOUCHES. They were well acquainted with the knowledge about how to react if someone touches them wrongly. The EMERGENCY helpline number for girls were on their lips then.

Next we came to Health is Wealth.

Increasing diseases urged us to make kids aware about the cleanliness to be maintained at Home, School and their surroundings. Use of proper drainage, Washing the hands before and after having the food, Clean toilets and loo, Bathing everyday, Maintaining hygiene and asking everyone around them to maintain cleanliness were the sub topics covered.

  A Seminar on the "Art of Parenting"
3-3-1437 - December 13, 2015

Tadbeer Foundation marks a niche in its another endeavour by their never ending efforts.  Tadbeer Foundation had organised a seminar on “Growing up with your Child: The Art of Parenting” on 13th December 2015 at Zenith High School, Vadodara.  In this event various eminent Speakers, Psychiatrists and Psychologists of Vadodara were invited for their knowledgeable guidance and practical views on upbringing of children in this 21st century.

The program started at 10am in the morning. The welcome speech was given by the Vice President Mrs. Naashetah Z Bhaisaheb of the Tadbeer Foundation followed by the Tilaawat of Qur’an-e-Hakeem. The first speaker of the session was Dr. Jayesh Shah – A Counselor and the Chairman of the Parliament of World Religions.  He talked about the Importance of Counselling in today’s era, as this is the Era of Technology, Knowledge and Stress. Thus parents should have to balance between these three things.  The second speaker for the seminar was Dr. Bimla Parimu – Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist at the Department of Psychology - The M S University of Baroda, she guided the parents about giving quality time to children and not to be violent with them and making them understand what is wrong and right rather than punishing them for wrong doings.

After her valuable guidance on Parenting skills; the 45th Spiritual Head, Da’i ul-Mutlaq, His Holiness Saiyedna Haatim Zakiyuddin Saheb (TUS) (Guest of Honour) presided over the function and shared his views on “Why there is need of Parenting in this Era?” Years back parents were the primary counsellors at home for their children and teachers were guiding light to them outside their home at the second stage. In this century both parents and teachers are busy in their profession and less attention is being paid to children so there is need of counsellors and experts to listen them and solve their basic issues. He also mentioned that family size in this modern era is small and nuclear so there is less respect to the elders by the children in the family.

In this seminar Dr. Yogesh Patel who is an eminent Psychiatrist – S. C. Patel De-addiction Centre said that, To control Teenage Aggression parents should enroll their children in sports activities. He also told the parents and teacher staff that they have equal contribution in children’s failure as well as success.  Dr.Kataria and Dr. Ismail Pala who are well known Psychiatrist of Vadodara emphasized their talk on stress management in children as well as parents and importance of discipline in one’ s life in today’s fast forward time.

In the seminar more than 260 parents participated and took the benefit of the knowledgeable views and guidance from the eminent speakers. The speakers also answered the relevant questions from the audience in the question – answer session which took place at the end of the seminar.  The vote of thanks was given by Mukaasir  ud- Da’wat Mohammad Nuruddin Saheb (dm) followed by the mementos to the dignitaries by the members of Tadbeer Foundation.

  Press Releases: Divya Bhaskar | Gujarat Samachar

With the Razaa Mubaarak of Huzoor-e-Aali Saiyedna wa Maulaana Haatim Zakiyuddin Saheb (TUS) Tadbeer Counselling Team had carried out Career Guidance Aptitude Test on the students of 12th class of Convent of Jesus and Mary Girls High School, Vadodara. The students were of Science and General Stream; which in all 112 participated in the test. Prior permissions were taken and pre preparations were done by the members of the team. The test was taken to measure the seven aptitudes of an individual like; Intelligence, Verbal Aptitude, Numerical Aptitude, Clerical Perception, Spatial Aptitude, Form Perception and Motor Coordination. These tests were standardized by expertise in the field.

The students were given a particular time for attempting each of the above mentioned aptitudes. The organizers along with volunteers explained the students the importance of the aptitude test in the present scenario of academics. The Principal of the school, Sr. Nirmala along with the teachers supported the team for the maintenance of discipline and order among the students. The test results were evaluated with help of standardized software and were affiliated by The M.S. University of Baroda. Further a meeting will be called of the students who appeared for the test and along with them their parents will be also there for counselling sessions; to have a better career ahead in life.


The Three days pre-Parliament of the World’s Religions event was organized by Ramakrishna Mission – Vadodara centre at Prof. Chandravadan C. Mehta Auditorium, MSU, Vadodara.  This year, Salt Lake, Utah in the United States will host the Parliament of the World’s Religions in October. Various religious leaders and scholars from across the nation participated in the Pre Parliament event held on Sunday, August 09, 2015.  The inauguration was done by Dr. Karan Singh, Renowned Scholar and ex-Ruler of Kashmir. The Event was followed by a two day International Youth Conference which was inaugurated by Honorable Governor of Gujarat Shri O.P. Kohli.

With the Razaa Mubaarak of Huzoor-e-Aali Saiyedna wa Maulaana Haatim Zakiyuddin Saheb (TUS), Alavi Counselling Team and members of Tadbeer had participated in this event. All the members took the responsibility of representing our Alavi Jamaa'at in the complete cosmopolitan crowd unaware of our Alavi culture and practices. Along with that they very efficiently managed the program by volunteering in it and presenting our culture by wearing Noorani Deeniattire throughout the event, which had some of the distinguished identities among the crowd of 500 above delegates.

Eminent and motivational speakers/scholars of different religions and ideologies had gathered on same dais for discussion over reclaiming the heart of humanity (working together for a world of compassion, peace, justice and sustainability). The Speakers gave their views related to respective religions and faiths. The other sessions were regarding therole of youth power in promoting interfaith harmony and role of religious harmony in Women's dignity and empowerment.

The members met Abdul Malik Mujahid, Chairman of Parliament of World’s Religions; interacted with him and described our Jamaa'at’s identity by handing over a brochure which had a glimpse of details pertaining to it. Similarly they met and had a word of conversation with Umer Ahmed Ilyasi (All India Imaam Organization), Sumani CharitraPrajna (International Jain Scholar), Ms. Ela Bhatt (Women’s Co-operative Organizer and Gandhian - SEWA), Ms. Noor Zaheer (Researcher and Scholar), Sister Lucy Kurien (Interfaith-Inter caste Activist), Shri  G Narayana (Spiritual Teacher, Peace Contributor, and Internationally Acclaimed Management Trainer), Mr. Paul Robinson (Prolific Author and Motivator-Bangalore), Mr. Amish Tripathi (Renowned Author – Motivational Speaker), Rajmata Shubhanginidevi Gaekwad (Chancellor – The M.S. University of Baroda) and other dignitaries’ who came to grace the event.

“India is an Ideal host for Parliament of the World’s Religions”. This was stated by Abdul Malik Mujahid in the event, he also stated that war is not the solution for any problem and people should be good neighbors of each other and then only they can be known as  good citizens of one’s own country. Likewise Speakers focused on interfaith and promoted communal harmony among the people.

The members represented our Alavi Jamaa'at at the best professional level and made the Jamaa'at proud of them at the international event. At the valedictory session Bu-Sahebah Naashetah Z. Bhaisaheb and Mrs. Mehjabeen S. Sorangwala gave a thanks giving speech for the organizers for giving them and their members the opportunity to represent our Alavi Jamaa'at at an International level. May our Alavi Jamaa'at prosper and flourish at various faculties, disciplines, fields and levels, under the Du’aa and guidance of Huzoor-e-Aali (TUS).

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