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Intimacy, friendship, love, affection.

Ulul Amr

The people of authority after the demise of Muhammad Rasulullah (SAWA) and Maulana ‘Ali (AS) i.e. the holy Imaams and their du'aat.


A community; any group of people who are followers of a particular religion or prophet. ‘Ummat-e-Muhammadiyyah' means Muslims as a religious community.




The believers congregate in the mosque after the fajr namaaz in the commemoration of the death anniversary of Ahl-e-Bayt (AS), Imaams and Du'aat. On the day before the anniversary the majlis of ‘shab-e-‘urs' (the night of commemoration) is conducted after the maghrib namaaz.


Method, procedure, style, manner. ‘usloob-e-‘amal' means the way of doing action.


Difficulty, distressful situation, destitution.


Master, teacher, professor (academic title); form of address to intellectuals.


Eyes; source or fountainhead. pl. of ‘ain .



An obligatory act.


Father, parent; ‘waaledain' means father and mother.


Heir, inheritor; ‘waaris ul-Ambiyaa' means the heir of the Prophets i.e. the infallible Imaams.


Clear, lucid, obvious, evident; ‘daleel-e-waazeh' means a clear proof.


The oneness of Allah; unity. ‘laa shareeka lahu' means there is no associate to Him.


Revelation; Allah revealed the holy Quran to Muhammad Rasulullah (SAWA) through ‘malak ul-wahy' Jibraeel (AS).


Friendship or assistance. It is used specifically for devotion to the Imaam.


The wedding or nuptial feast. The other feast are wakeerah (after the journey to holy places) and wateerah (after the ritual ceremony)


Saintly pious figure, guardian or patron. In a political context the terms can also mean administrator or ruler. ‘Waliullah' means the friend of Allah, title of Maulana ‘Ali (AS). Also ‘awliya Allah' i.e. the infallible Imaams.


Asking someone's help or turning with a request to someone for seeking the grace of Allah in fulfilling one's desires. ‘tawassul' means waseela is taken of Awliya Allah (AS) in gratifying one's wishes.


Washshaiq; imminent, near, impending; one of the supererogatory prayers preformed usually after the namaaz of ‘Isha il-aakherat'.


Vicegerent, legatee, executor of the will; pl. is ‘awsiyaa'. The helper and the immediate successor to a major Prophet. It was the function of a wasi to interpret and explain the holy messages brought by a Prophet. Maulana ‘Ali (AS) is the vicegerent or wasi of Muhammad Rasulullah (SAWA). The office of wasi is called wasaayat .


Devilish insinuation, disturbance, misgiving; ‘al-waswaas' means the tempter Shaitaan.

Wa'z; bayaan

Admonition, warning, sermon; ‘maw'ezat' means religious exhortation, spiritual counsel.


Pay; a task done repeatedly. The portion from the Quran read by the believer daily especially during the 30 days of Ramazan.


Authority or power. This refers to the authority that the Imaam has over the believers (mumineen).


An intervenient prayers at night.


Wideness, spaciousness; plenty, abundance; ‘wasee'' means vast, large, spacious, ‘arzun waase'atun' means the vast land.


Ablution before offering Namaaz, it removes minor impurity.




Sapphire; ‘yaaqoot-e-ahmar' means ruby and ‘yaaqoot-e-akhzar' means green corundum.


The beginning of the 36th surah of the holy Quran. This surah is regarded as ‘Qalb ul-Quran' means the heart of the Quran. And ‘Yaa-seen' is believed to be one of the special title attributed to Muhammad Rasulullah (SAWA).


The hand of Allah, an epithet given to Maulana ‘Ali (AS).

Yahya; John

A prophet of Allah and the son of Zakariyaa. The whole supplication of Zakariyaa is mentioned in the Qur'an in which he pleaded Allah for a noble son. His desire to become a father was fulfilled and at an old age he was gifted with a noble son, Yahya.


Right side, right hand; ‘ashaab ul-yameen' means the people of right i.e. the chosen ones who are pure and noble.


Certainty, conviction; one of the pillars of faith. ‘yaqeenan' means certainly, surely. It is one of the pillars of imaan .

Ya'qoob; Jacob

A prophet of Allah and the son of Ishaaq, mentioned in the Qur'an and the Taurat. Banu Israa'eel are the people who are descendants of the sons of Ya'qoob.

Yawm ul-‘Arafah

The day of standing at ‘Arafah (Jabal-e-Rehmat) on 9th of Zil Hajj.

Yawm ul-Azhaa; ‘id ul-Azhaa; yawm un-Nahr

The day or festival of sacrificing an animal in the name of Allah.

Yawm ul-Aakhir; aakhir uz-zamaan

The Last day; time at which the day of judgement is to be expected; the end of this world.

Yawm ud-Deen

The Day of Judgement; Allah is the master of the day of judgement in which all will be judged on the basis of their deeds.

Yawm ul-Hashr

The Day of Congregation (of the dead).

Yawm ul-Hisaab

The Day of Reckoning; the judgement day.

Yawm ul-Qiyaamat; yawm ul-nashr

The Day of Resurrection; the day of final judgement.


A country situated to the south of Saudi Arabia; It became the cradle of Da'wat organization during the reign of Imaam Mustansir billaah (AS) in 450 AH, where after the occultation of Imaam Taiyeb (AS) in 528 AH from Misr, the succession of Du'aat-e-Mutlaqeen began from Saiyedna Zoeb bin Moosa (QR) in 532 AH till the 24th Da'i-e-Mutlaq Saiyedna Yusuf Najmuddin (QR), after which the seat of Da'wat got shifted to India in 974 AH.

Yunus; Jonah

A prophet of Allah who was swallowed by a fish and remained in its belly till Allah did forgive him and was thrown out on the bare shore. One of the surah of Qur'an is named after him.


Ease, pleasant circumstances, prosperity.

Yusuf; Joseph

A prophet of Allah and the son of Ya'qoob mentioned in the Qur'an and the Taurat. One of the surah of Qur'an is named after him in which the whole account of his Prophethood and his family going to Egypt is described vividly.




The outward, apparent, literal or exoteric meaning of a sacred texts, ritual and religious prescriptions, notably the Quran and the Shari'at from which the baatin is educed.


Book of Psalms, the divine message revealed on Prophet Dawood (AS).


It is one of the pillars of Islam. An obligatory religious tax to be paid by every believer in the holy month of Ramazan to the Imaam or his representative (da'i) of the time according to the proportion of the wealth accumulated annually i.e. 2.5%. This tax is meant for the different affairs and purposes of the Da'wat and the prosperity of the community. Its expenditure rests under the complete discretionary power of the authority of Da'wat. It also means the purification of wealth.

Zakariyaa; Zachariah

A prophet of Allah, the father of Prophet Yahya and the brother of Maulatana Maryam (AS) who had been entrusted to look after her. At a very old age of 90 yrs. he was gifted with a handsome and virtuous son and was sent on Banu Israa'eel to whom he taught the rules laid down by the holy Taurat.


Treasure, stores, provisions.


Time, duration; ‘imaam uz-zamaan' means the Imaam of the time and the same term is used for ‘da'i uz-zamaan' means the Da'i of the time.


Guaranty, surety; ‘zaamin' means guarantor, answerable.


Heart or conscience.


Mausoleum, tomb, grave; ‘zareeh-e-anwar' means the luminous or shining mausoleum.


Atom, tiny particle; ‘misqaala zarratin' means the weight of a dust particle. Every human being will be rewarded of the good or bad deeds even if it is of the weight of the atom.


Declination of the sun; the time for noon (Zohr) and afternoon (‘Asr) Namaaz.


Remembrance, narration, mentioning; ‘az-Zikr ul-Hakeem' means the Quran. An incessant repetition of certain words in praise of Allah.


Shadow, protection, patronage.

Ziyaa; zaw

Light, brightness, glow.


Visit; ‘ziyaaraat-e-muqaddesah' means visit to the holy cities or places i.e. Mecca , Madinah, Karbala , Najaf, Bayt ul-Muqaddas, Misr , Yemen etc . Also ‘zaa'ir' means a visitor.


The voluntary renunciation of worldly things and comforts; abstinence, asceticism.


Noon prayer when the sun declines from the meridian.


Manifestation or appearance. The term can refer to the manifestation of the Imaam after a period of concealment.


Injustice, oppression, tyranny; ‘zulman' means unjustly, wrongfully.

Zu'l Hijjah

ZilHajj; the last month of Islamic calendar (Hijri year). It is the month of 29 days but a day is added in case of ‘Kabeesa'.


Darkness, gloom

Zu'l Qa'dah

ZilQa'ad; the eleventh month of the Islamic calendar (Hijri year). It always has 30 days of the year.


The group of people


Progeny, descendants, children; ‘zurriyat-e-taaherah' means the pure descendants of Ameer ul-Mumineen ‘Ali (AS) and Maulatana Fatema (AS) i.e. the infallible Imaams.

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