To commemorate the 'Urs Mubaarak of our 42nd Da'i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Fidaali Badruddin saheb AQ in Bustaan e Badri,  Mumineen (believers), came together for majlis to honour the khidmat of our Da'i, on 7-8 Sha'baan ul Kareem.  Addressing a huge gathering Aqaa Maulaa said that, "There are three elements that unite us as Mumineen (believers) and draw us towards one another like a magnetic force, which are common amongst us. Firstly, we acknowledge that we are all created from the same clay or mud by Allaah Ta'aala before he breathed his spirit (ruhi) into us. Secondly, we recognize the divine light or noor within our spirits and it is ever illuminating because our devotion and respect of our Da'i. Lastly, we value the power of knowledge that has been bestowed upon us.  The fountainhead of this knowledge is our Ahl ul Bayt AS and the Du'aat associated to them."

Our current Da'i uz Zamaan, S. Haatim Zakiyuddin saheb TUS, is also revered, and we are naturally drawn to him as well because of this magnetic force of purity of Clay, divinity of Light and eternity of Knowledge. This belief is inherited from our forefathers, who had also followed this tradition and had come to pay obeisance to Du'aat in their times.  As Mumineen, we often request each other to remember in prayers or Du'aa. However, when we enter the Rawzah for ziyaarat, being the representatives of Allaah Ta'aala, our Da'i knows our hidden wishes and desires, and they are often surely granted, provided that we have strong faith (aqeedah) in the belief of Wasilah. 

Maulaa said that, "It is essential to treat all Mumineen with respect and kindness, as they are not helpless or downtrodden individuals. When you mistreat one Mu'min, you upset and insult all others associated with him. Similarly, if you do some misconduct against a Da'i, then you have waged a war against the entire Alavi Jamaa'at. Remember Da'i is the core of Mumineen of his time and he holds the Surat of his believers."

A Mu'min is blessed by the Nooraaniyat of Khamsat ul Athaar, A'imaat and Du'aat SA, and any negative action towards him is equivalent to severing spiritual ties with M. Ali AS, all Imaams of his progeny, and their Du'aat. Allaah Ta'aala sends curse on anyone who mistreats a Mu'min, and this curse gets manifested in various grades, forms and times.

Furthermore, a Mu'min carries a part of Nufoos (souls) of other Mumineen in a hidden form, and their request to a Mu'min for Ziyaarat e Du'aat gets fulfilled when he makes himself present with Da'i uz Zamaan TUS in Rawzah Mubaarakah. When we enter the Rawzah of our Du'aat for Ziyaarat, we recite this Du'aa, "Enter with Sujood (prostration) as it is full of blessings and mercy (rehmat) from Saheb e Haqq. This Du'aa is an assurance from our Du'aat that we need not worry about our small misdeeds as it is forgiven due to their mediation, and Ihsaan (goodness) is done to all those who deserve it."

As a true Shia's of Ameer ul Mumineen Maulaana Ali AS, when we die, it is customary for our relatives to offer Haqq un Nafs (sharwaa) to our Da'i uz Zamaan TUS. Only after this, our nafs elevates to the spiritual spheres of Imaam uz Zamaan AS. For a Mu'min, his real life begins after death. Death for others is a Life for us.  There may be situations where a Mu'min has been unable to perform his prayers or engage in good deeds as they intended, due to ignorance, old age or other health circumstances. However, they should not feel aghast about it, as Allaah Ta'aala knows best. A Mu'min's intention (niyat) to pray holds equal importance to their actions (aa'maal). Thus, a Mu'min should continue to strive for good deeds throughout their life and trust in Allaah's mercy and forgiveness.  The best of Mumineen is the one who prays in his young age.


  1441 :
  Khusoosi Du’aa on the occasion of 'Urs Mubarak of 42nd Da’i e Mutlaq Saiyedna Badruddin Saheb AQ with reference to the Qur'anic verse in which there is zikr of Taqwaa and Waseelah. Mumineen are fearful but only for the 'Azaab of their Deeds and to get it off they relentlessly ask for intercession and mediation from Saheb e Da'wat. Muqaddas Maulaa is one of the precious gems of the divine crown of Shafaa'at.


Iftetaah-e-Sa'eed of Rawzah Mubaarakah - Bustaan-e-Badri - 7-8-1435 AH
Akhbaar of Contruction work of Rawzah


In the majlis of Laylat ul-‘Urs (Behram) Mukaasir Maulaa delivered bayaan on the importance of Tasleem, Dast-bosi and Qadam-bosi i.e. respecting the Saheb of Darajah by bowing and keeping ones forehead, both eyes and lips on his right hand and right leg.  He cited an event during the Nubuwat of Rasoolullaah (saws) in Madinah when M. Huzaifah al-Yamaani came for the Qadam-bosi-e-Rasool by the farmaan of his mother.  Mukaasir Maulaa also laid stress on the way and right method for mumineen in doing Qadam-bosi during different Ruhaani and Social occasions.

The Rawzah of our Muqaddas Maulaa is like Jannat and one should enter into it from the side of Qadam Mubaarak thereby doing Qadam-bosi of Muqaddas Maulaa.  Rasoolullaah (saws) said in his Hadees for the devotion of parents that, “The Paradise-Jannat is underneath the legs of the Parents.”  Mukaasir Maulaa explained the baatini meaning of right hand, fingers, Qadam-bosi in detail and said that, “Qadam-bosi of Saheb-e-Da’wat is an integral part of the beliefs of Alavi Taiyebi Mumin and it is the first and foremost step towards the way of Imaan.”  The only niyyat of Qadam-bosi should be the request for the Du’aa of Maghferat and well-being in deeni-duniyaawi affairs.

1430 : Bayaan of Saiyedna Saheb (tus) -        
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1429 :
Bayaan :
  • It was the auspicious and ba-barakat day of shab-e-urs of Saiyedna Badruddin saheb (aq) when sawaari-e-taiyebi of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) entered the maqaamaat-e-muqaddasah of 7 salaateen-e-ruhaani , Du’aat-e-Subhaani, Bustaan-e-Badri and the entire atmosphere was charged with alavi shaan accompanied with the recitation of abyaat and Qur’ani aayaat.
  • Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) bestowed sharaf to lots of mumineen for ghilaaf and chaadar on the qabr-e-anwar of Muqaddas Maulaa, zaakireen recited kalaam-e-khaas near it and after faateha-khwaani the mehfil of shab-e-urs was held at Bustaan us-Sawaab which was constructed during the time of Muqaddas Maulaa.  The mehfil was adorned by the headship of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) who did farmaan for the bayt recitation composed by Muqaddas Maulaa in 1359 AH which begins with “Aa che Sha’baan sunnat no mahino, Rasool-e-Haqq ni izzat no mahino”.  After that zaakireen did qaseedah-khwaani and it was followed by the memorable taqreer of Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus).
  • Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) revealed a very vivid characteristics of the tenure of the Da’wat of Muqaddas Maulaa.  Every saheb-e-haqq is mazloom in this time of Daur us-Satr.  Be it nabi, wasi, imaam or da’i everyone has faced the ill-treatment and hardships in the way of guarding the Da’wat of Allaah.  Muqaddas Maulaa also got through the sufferings but Allaah Ta’aala made Naikmaan Shaikhali Alibhai a true fidaai of Da’wat who invited Muqaddas Maulaa to Mumbai and there he did the khidmat and itaa’at untiringly and big-heartedly for 9 months where Muqaddas Maulaa stayed in a room decorated with gold and silver articles.
  • Maulaa said that, Muqaddas Maulaa is my ustaaz-e-kareem, jadd-e-shafeeq who showered upon me the ne’mat of ilm, tarbiyat and akhlaaq.  He was mard-e-aahan and mard-e-mujaahid who for 30 years centered his every effort in the khairiyat and falaah-o-bahboodi of mumineen.  His tabee’at reflected the haleemi and inkisaar ul-mizaaji and he used to do naseehat to every adnaa mumin for his betterment.
  • Allaah Ta’aala has favored us with Islaam through Rasoolullaah (saws), Imaan through Maulaana Ali (as), Noor-e-imaamat through Imaam Husain (as) and this bustaan-e-Alavi through His ghulaam-e-Husaini i.e. our Muqaddas Maulaa.  Muqaddas Maulaa breathed his last soon after he offered namaaz-e-maghrib on 7th Sha’baan 1377 AH when Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) was 26 years of his age and Maulaa himself did kafn-o-hunoot to Muqaddas Maulaa.
  •  Huzoor-e-‘Aali (tus) addressed the nooraani gathering with tearful eyes that, Do not do wrong to anybody and think as well as act only khayr.  We all will depart but what will remain is only the zikr of our khayr.  Our Da’wat calls everyone towards goodness and with this only mumineen will be rewarded.  Allaah Ta’aala bless my mumineen with rizq-e-halaal and shifaa kaamelah. 
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